Wednesday, 9 December 2015


We were assigned into groups. Classes each week consisted of coming up with ideas for our stall. Wrote down ideas and narrowed it down. We had to think about our target market that would suit the students in IADT. Acknowledged that we may have to change our idea in order for it suit to suit the target market in Marley Park. Assigned tasks to each group, I was in charge of poster,stickers,sweet cups and getting all cutlery and table cloth. Advertisement Process We decided on the idea of running our own bake sale. Came up with a name, “Boulangerie”, meaning bakery in French. Chose pink and blue as our theme colour. Picked an image and designed our logo. Printed posters and stickers for our stall. Advertised ourselves by putting up posters around the college. Used stickers on cups and plates for customers to see and remember our business.

List of Products

We sold Baked cupcakes were completely homemade and looked very presentable. Strawberry and marshmallow cups with hot chocolate. Malteser,Aero and Oreo biscuit cake. Brownies with a cookie dough base, filled with an oreo and topped with a chocolate brownie. Mars bar squares. Cups filled with various kinds of sweets. Included price range of goods. Aware of ingredients in each product.

The Day of our Bake Sale

On the day of the stalls project, we decided to arrive to the Chapel early in order to get a good spot for our stall. Decided on the front entrance as more people were walking by. There was a good atmosphere and there was music playing. Our group separated, with a number of members selling goods at the canteen and other buildings within the college. This was a success as there was a lot more people willing to buy.


Our bake sale was a great success.
We sold all goods, got our money back on what we spent and also made a profit.
It was a good learning experience, we developed selling techniques and opened our first enterprise.
Although it took a lot of work and planning, it was a lot of fun and a great success.
We believe our success was due to our appearance wearing all black, the presentation of our stall and goods were professional and actively selling to students.
We worked well as a team and everyone got involved.